Love Letter

Beautiful God,

how amazing,

the feeling of You fluffing my cells.


There’s no one I want

like I want You.

Now that You’ve filled me,

how could mere mortals compete?


Lovely God, your scent,

the smell of happiness,

like warm pastry in the oven.

You alone are the passion,

the flame, that thrills,

that wants me to run a thousand miles

like breathing in a summer day’s warmth

resting in a field of daisies.


Adorable God,

I want to tell you something profound,

and I end up thinking

of babies, puppies, kittens and rainbows.

How could I not be totally undone by these things?

Not to mention sunsets and stars in the black sky.


Delicious God,

Your touch, the place of my

excited innocence,

well of sloppy pleasure,

tender bud of grace,


opening fully to you, shaking

to Your crazy fulfillment.